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Visa application for Ukrainian nationals evacuated from Ukraine to Japan

We understand that Ukrainian nationals residing in Japan must be worried about their family and friends in Ukraine so much.

Now, they can be a host(guarantor) to bring their family and friends to Japan.

And the government of Japan is offering the simpler procedure for issuance of visa.

Evacuating Ukraine nationals can apply for a visa at the Japanese embassy there after evacuating to neighboring European countries including Poland, Romania, Moldova, and Hungary.

Required documents are application form, picture, passport and Letter of Guarantee (prepared by a host (guarantor) in Japan).

Since Letter of Guarantee can be a copy, it can be sent by email and printed out.

As announced in the press, even those who are not direct family or friends of evacuating Ukrainian nationals can be a host (guarantor) to bring them to Japan.

In that case, the invitation letter is required as additional documents.

Above is the information as of March 10, 2022.

Please check the latest information on the website of the government of Japan.


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