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Entry ban on 106 countries has been lifted since 4/8/2022 in Japan


The Government of Japan has decided to modify COVID-19 entry restrictions. Since April 8th, the entry ban on 106 countries has been lifted. This now leaves 56 countries designated as having ‘landing denial’ status.

This change of approach may at first appear drastic considering conservative Japanese policies, however, there are still a number of challenges for those seeking to enter Japan. Limits on numbers of passengers entering Japan are in place, and acceptable categories of entrants are still limited to those conducting short-term business affairs and to those working and planning long term stays with a certificate of eligibility. Those who fall under these categories also need an invitation from a host institution, and they still need visas for entry into Japan.

Eventually, restrictions on the number of people entering Japan are expected to be eased, and the number of applications for study and work visas will increase accordingly. The timing and details of these changes will of course depend on the evolving COVID-19 situation.

The Japanese government continues to take a cautious stance on the reinstatement of temporary stays such as tourist visas and the reinstatement of visa waivers.

These changing immigration requirements can be confusing, but please keep in mind that all eligible foreigners currently require a visa, with the exception of re-entry.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice on your particular circumstances.


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