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About a special highly skilled professional, 'J-skip'

As of April 21, 2023, in addition to the current Highly Skilled Foreign Professional Point System, a new system "J-Skip" has been introduced. It is based on a certain level of education, work experience, and annual income not depending on points, and highly skilled professional resident status will be given to those applicants who qualified the requirements on J-Skip

The J-Skip requirements for HSP-foreign researchers and engineers are

1) an annual income of at least 20 million yen and 2) a master's degree or at least 10 years of work experience.

For HSP-Foreign managers is must have an annual income of at least 40 million yen and at least five years' work experience.

For those granted residence status as special highly skilled professional on "J-Skip", the following preferential treatments are available:

• Permission for a broad range of activities while in Japan

• Grant of a five-year period of stay

• Relaxation of the requirements for permanent residence status based on period of stay in Japan(*)

• Permission for the spouse to engage in employment activities

• Permission for parents to accompany the highly specialized professional under certain conditions

• Permission to employ domestic helpers under certain conditions

• Use of priority lanes at large airports and other ports of entry

• Priority processing of entry and residency procedures

*In addition, the period of stay required for a permanent residence permit is "one year".

Compared to the existing HSFP, the newly established Special HSFP requires a simpler requirement that does not depend on the points system.

For more information, see the Immigration Services Agency of Japan website.

特別高度人材制度(J-Skip) | 出入国在留管理庁 (

For inquiries about HSFP or J-skip, contact us.


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